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3 Types of exercises to get rid of cellulite

I wanted to present you here the best exercises to get rid of cellulite because one of the most common beauty challenges today is how to get rid of those unsightly bulges, bumps and dimples reminiscent of cottage cheese or orange peel that can appear on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks – commonly known as cellulite. Normally, bad luck for us (the girls and ladies), is more common in women than in men, and research shows about 90% of women have it! I include my self.  This is a normal condition – even in individuals with a healthy body weight. Although there is no permanent “cure” for cellulite, there are some exercises that can help reduce their appearance. Exercise can decrease the amount of fat in the body that reduces the appearance of cellulite, but what are they effective? Firming exercises are useful for toning difficult areas like the thighs and buttocks. According to health experts, a combination of yoga, strength training, and cardio seems to be the most effective recipe.

YOGA to say goodbye to cellulite


Is well known Yoga is great for stretching and toning muscles, but as you wiil read, is also one of the best exercises to kill cellulite. Health Magazine has published an article that tells about a routine from yoga expert Kristin McGee which includes 7 poses including: the Standing Forward Bend, the Chair Pose, the Eagle Pose, Warrior III, a High Lunge with a Twist, the Bridge Pose, and a Supported Shoulder Stand. Kristin says to do this twenty minute routine three times a week, plus thirty minutes of vigorous cardio workouts four times a week, and you’ll see results in just six weeks! Visite aquí el artículo de Kristin de la Revista Health Magazine.


Strength trainning and resistance – the enemy of ORANGE PEEL

On of the best ways that help you keep in shape are strength training with weights or resistance. Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD shares some exercises on that she says “build muscle tone and boost circulation to help you get in shape below the waist”. Her video share exercises which include the Standing Glute Toner, the Heel Slide, the Diagonal Butt Buster, the Warrior, the Stretching Lunge, and the Pigeon Stretch. The showed movements are really effective for toning and tightening the thigh, glute and hip areas to reduce the appearance of orange peel. . Here I share a video of Cynthia explaining these exercises that I wanted to share you. You can bookmark this page as a favorite and so whenever you want you can access this video, enlarge and do these exercises on your tablet, mobile phone or computer.



get rid of cellulite by running

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This is the last shot to kill cellulite. Cardio workouts are the final top ingredient in the cellulite figthing recipe. While in a cardio workout your heart rate is raising to your target rate and maintained for a prescribed period of time to help keep your heart strong, lose weight, and stay healthy. Cardio workouts include jumping rope, running, step aerobics, Zoomba, and others. Always remember that the best way to determine your target heart rate is to consult with your physician.  There are also body calculators online to help you determine what is right for you.


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