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Where to buy Symulast Method with best extra bonuses and discount?

Posted on: March 1st, 2015 by Ilean No Comments

Are you looking where to buy Symulast Method with best bonuses and discount?

You will find here where to buy Symulast Method if you are looking Where to Buy Symulast Method from Joey Atlas in all laguanges available.

If you are looking the best price, secure link and best real bonuses for the price, read this post before buying Naked Neauty Symulast Method and get the best for your money.  It applies for Symulast method both English and Spanish versions.

Link to buy Symulast Method (english version) 50% off:



Link to buy Symulast Method (spanish version), “enlace para comprar Método Symulast Belleza Desnuda y obtener extra bonos”:


See the video below and learn how to get these amazing extra bonuses just for buying through any of these two links:

Symulast Method (French version is also available here) Click on this link fro more information:

French version here!

Si vous voulez acheter Symulast – Libre de cellulite dans la version française et 50%, appuyez sur ce lien:

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If you are looking the direct link to Buy Symulast, Truth About  Cellulite from Joey Atlas, (english) this is the link to offisial site with 50% discount.

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Wenn Sie schauen, um Versicherungs Link Symulast Verfahren zu kaufen, der beste Preis, hier ist es.

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German Version  for more information  click here!


See on the video below how to buy from my links and get the best bonuses….French version, English version, German Version, and Spanish version, bonuses apply only if you buy it trough any of links above.  Bonuses are in English.  Learn more about how to claim them after your purchase.


So, after looking the video above you will be sure the answer to the question “Where to buy Symulast Method?” is very ovious.   Why you should pay for less if the same Price will give you some extra bonuses?.   Please don´t forget to write to the email for the bonuses.

Oh and I almost forget, I found this amazing tip to get rid of cellulite  is free and natural.   Is about how to reduce cellulite with cofee, is a home made recibe with coffe and is a great combination for the Naked Beauty Symulast Method.  I hope it helps, I have used this récipe and it helps a lot too.


My Symulast experience – Read my story first- Truth About Cellulite

Posted on: October 27th, 2014 by Ilean No Comments


My SymTruth about celluliteulast experience – Read my story first

Hi, I want to share my experience with the Symulast Method from Joey Atlas to get rid of Cellulite.  This way you can have a better idea of what you will receive before you buy it.  Is better to have the opinion of someone who has actually used the method, like I did. There are many places to find general descriptions and reviews by professional internet marketers, but many of them do not really know the method, and only want to sell, and do not tell you all the facts as they are.

This is what you will see after buying Symulast Method. Once you make the purchase of Naked Beauty Symulast Method from Joey Atlas, the first thing you get is the link to access the page to download “pdf” files for documents that you can print or read digitally.  You may Access the videos at the same link. The videos are to be used online.  This means that you may not play the videos without internet connection.   But that will not be a problem if we take in consideration that actually, there is wi-fi connection in a lot of places.  But if you do not have access to internet  and a device where you can see the videos like ipad, laptop, Tablet, smartphone, computer or notebook, then this is not your best choice.

First I saw the instructional video explaining the proper way to perform each exercise.  These instructions are also explained in a pdf file ( printable).

Symulast Experience – My First Session

After accessing the download link, I worked out the first session with SYMULAST, 19 minutes . I can tell you, it’s amazing how in those 19 minutes the whole area works both hips, buttocks , thighs . The key is to do them properly as directed by Joey Atlas. They are not high impact exercises, so that if God has given you some extra bonus that you have to support when jumping, with Symulast, you won’t have to think how to secure these “gifts” before jump on high impact. I have to think hard (in my case), about how to support certain areas by doing exercises but these are low-impact exercises. I say this because to me, sometimes it happen that preparative before getting in to the exercise routine become so complicated, that I think twice before starting to exercise. Buy with Symulast this is not the case, because these exercises can be done with any comfortable clothing.

About the Videos of the Naked Beauty Symulast Method

Another aspect to consider is that not one of those videos have music, the sound you will hear is only Joey Atlas explanations, and is himself who does the exercises in the video with an assistance (sometimes). He is a professional at what he does. If what you like is the music when you exercise you may choose in your computer or mp3 your favorite music, but the important thing about this Symulast Method, is the content, I mean, the quality of this routine, which is the right combination and in the right way to reduce cellulite, that only Joey Atlas can teach you.

Does Naked Beauty Symulast work?

In my opinión, of course it works, if you apply it at least three times a week (19 minutes each). I’ve been practicing it and yes, I really feel a difference in my  thighs, hips, buttocks . You must remember that this is not magic; you should use the method and that’s the way it works. Buy it, but if you do not practice the method he teaches, it will not help.   But just in case, Joey Atlas offers 60 day money back guarantee.

This program has a big plus: these exercises can be performed at home, in the room, in the gym, in a hotel room if you’re traveling, etc.

Another issue to consider as I said before is that they give a guarantee of 60 days, which means that you have time to use the program for 60 days and if you are not satisfied you can ask a refund . Clickbank is a very secure plattaform to buy. Nothing to lose and everything to gain if you use it.

Benefits Extras I found in my Symulast experience

Other points to consider is that, in addition to the bonuses announced in the sales pages of Truth About Cellulite from Joey Atlas, such as routines for working arms and abdomen, Joey has given also two extra bonus videos that are about total body exercise .

I don’t want to get you bored with my story, so let me finsih with this:  As a user I think if you’re looking for a method to reduce cellulite,  and you have access to internet connection, you are not looking for fancy comercial videos with top music and people showing happiness on the video, but you do want good technical information for your exercises,  and combination that you must follow, this is the one you are looking for.  And remmember you also have 60 days warranty, and the purchase is trought Clickbank payment plattaform , which is a very secure plattaform , not much to lose and you could win a lot on benefits.

Where tu buy Symulast at the best price? 50% off

In case you are decided to buy, and are just looking for the direct buy link with the 50% discount click bellow:

=== > Buy Symulast Naked Beauty (English version) 50 % off direct buy link<===

Since I have shared with you all I know about the Joey Atlas Symulast method, and I also want to give some extra bonuses for those who want to buy the Method.  So if you are going to buy this method  you may be interested on checking here and see what the amazing extra bonuses are given to you for your purchase, when you do  it troughth my special discounted link,  and how could  you achieve and caim these bonues.  I really recommend to read how to achieve the extra bonus package, before buying the method, this way you may have even more for your purchase. and even if you decide to aks for a refund, you can keep the extra bonus package I am giving you.

I hope my post helps! and I appreciate it very much if you come back to this blog later to leave us your comments and share your Symulast experience.

In case you want still more information here is a informative video about how to get rid of cellulite.

Thanks for your time, and I wish you the best.


Who is Joey Atlas? Is Joey Atlas Reliable or scam?

Posted on: June 18th, 2014 by Ilean No Comments

Is Joey Atlas Reliable or scam?  Who is him?


Joey Atlas reliable or scamDo you wonder: Is Joey Atlas reliable or scam? Joey Atlas, is a coach specialized in the beauty of the female body . He has two degrees in physiology, and developed the method he calls SYMULAST.
In my personal experience I have asked some doubts to JOEY ATLAS and I find he is a professional and reliable person. I have asked several questions, both when I got the program.  In English and Spanish support for the program and he has always provided a prompt and professional support .
I got the program, and is himself who explains the exercises , there are not commercial videos as those you buy in supermarkets. Joey Atlas ‘s videos that have a professional content specially  the exercise routines that he himself designed and recommended .
Definitely recommend his videos. To learn more about my reviews on the program Symulast from Truth About Cellulite , I invite you to review the entries I put into my blog on this topic .
If you want to buy the method Symulast , his full name is Naked Beauty Symulast , I recommend you follow the link directed from the official site for direct purchase, otherwise you must wait the end of the video to make your purchase .


Or if you want more information you can view other entries in my blog or go to the official site through this link …


desc 60% Método Belleza Desnuda Symulast de Joey Atlas versión en español

Posted on: October 4th, 2013 by Ilean No Comments

Este método Belleza Desnuda Symulast ha sido lanzado recientemente al idioma español.

Puede visitar mi página de opiniones sobre productos en español y ver los detalles y como obtener el 60% de descuento. www.cuerposincelulitis.opinionesycomentarios.com     O puede visitar directamente la página oficial de Cuerpo Sin Celulitis Cuerpo sin celulitis página oficial     O bien si está decidido a comprarlo en español aprovecehe este link de compra directa con el 60% de descuento solo por tiempo limitado.

Symulast Método Anticelulítico ahora en español con 60% descuento

Posted on: September 24th, 2013 by Ilean 6 Comments

El Symulast Método anticelulítico, por fin en español y con 60% descuento.   Lea primero este informe, ahorre dinero, decida informado.


Opinión como usuaria de Symulast Método anticelulítico

Yo conseguí hace una semana el Symulast Método anticelulítico, y me parece realmente bueno, pues consiste en series de ejercicios diseñadas por un experto, Joey Atlas, y aunque algunos ejercicios nos parezcna conocidos tienen detalles diferentes que son los que hacen la diferencia en los resultados.   Lo que Joey Atlas nos ofrece en este programa es su conocimiento, y son combinaciones de rutinas que no se encuentran en ningún otro lugar.    Me encanta que ya esté la versión en español, porque es mi lengua materna, y mejor aún.

Donde obtener más información sobre Symulast Método anticelulítico

En este video pueden observar el detalle sobre en qué consiste el método anticelulítico.  Su nombre completo en español es “El Método Belleza Desnuda Symulast”

Symulast Método contra la celulitis en español.

Hola, si ya han visitado mi sitio saben que se trata de revisiones de productos,  pero desde el punto de vista de usuarios o compradores.   Bueno me alegra que hayan encontrado este post, porque por fin ha salido el método anticelulítico Symulast, en su versión en español.



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